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eLightBulbs Blog > Why Luminara Candles Are Revolutionizing the World of Decorative Lighting

Why Luminara Candles Are Revolutionizing the World of Decorative Lighting

Posted by Joanna C. on Jul 29, 2014
Why Luminara Candles Are Revolutionizing the World of Decorative Lighting

Realistic flame candles offer a safe, long lasting, and beautiful alternative to traditional wax burning candles.

When I first saw the Luminara candle in person, I was amazed at how truly "real" the flame appears. The flame itself moves and flickers and from several feet away, looks just like the flame of a traditional candle. As a thrifty shopper, I was less impressed by the price, but I have since become convinced that this powerhouse of a candle is well worth the cost.

Unlike traditional wax wick candles, Luminara candles do not present a fire hazard, leave a melted wax residue to clean up, produce heat, or create smoke and soot. For a busy person like myself, I love the idea that I don't have to worry about forgetting to blow out my candle and accidentally starting a house fire. Furthermore, I can select either the "On" switch or the "Timer" function, which automatically turns the candle on and off for a set time period each day. All of the latest Luminara designs are also remote-control compatible, so even if you do not purchase the candle with this feature, you can add the remote later on.

Luminara also offers a wide variety of scented and unscented options as well as various colors and sizes. The vanilla scent is my personal favorite. However, the citrus is also nice with its fresh, clean scent while the sandalwood scent adds a rich, musky aroma to a room.

These realistic flame candles are perfect for home decor, important celebrations (such as weddings, showers, galas, bat/bar mitzvahs, and corporate events), restaurant and retail settings, stage productions, and more. Luminara candles are also available in lantern sets which look great as hanging decorations, outdoor arrangements, or table centerpieces. I purchased a Luminara candle as a birthday gift for a friend, and she placed her candle inside of her fireplace. The candle flickers delightfully and is a modern and elegant touch during the warmer months when a lighting a fire indoors is not an option. No matter what the occasion or situation, the Luminara candle is sure to be the center of attention!


More on Luminara’s Moving Flame Technology:

Luminara Candles are distinctive from all other battery operated, flameless candles. This is due to Luminara’s patented flame effect technology – a flickering flame in constant motion - that makes Luminara Candles appear almost alive.

The secret is an internal LED light source, which shines upward through electromagnets, before reaching the exposed flameless wick. The effect is a realistic “flame” that dances and moves just like a real lighted candle.

Indoor Luminara Flameless Candles are constructed of real wax.   Luminara outdoor candles utilize a weather-resistant plastic shell, complete with drain holes for moisture. All enjoy the same LED internal light source and flame effect, so you can enjoy Luminara Candles wherever you are.



Note: In addition to the Luminara brand, we also offer the realistic flame candles designed by The Light Garden and Forever Flame. Both of these candles function similarly to the Luminara line; however, the Forever Flame candles tend to have a whiter flame than the yellowish amber flame of the other two brands.




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