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eLightBulbs Blog > Bubble Lights : Memories and Tradition

Bubble Lights : Memories and Tradition

Posted by David McLellan on Nov 18, 2008
Bubble Lights : Memories and Tradition

Bubble Lights have always been a vital part of my holidays / Christmas. They always get me in the Christmas mood.

Bubble Lights : Memories and Tradition

From my earliest days of decorating the Christmas Tree, Bubble Lights have been a part of my Holiday tradition.  I remember plugging in the Noma Bubble Light Set and waiting impatiently for the bubbling action to begin.  To sit in the dark at night and watch the silent motion on the Christmas Tree was a soothing experience that has become etched in my memory.  I could fall asleep from watching the bubble light’s lazy boil.

Originally the Bubble Lights of the 1940 era were a “series” 10 light set  which used 12 volt bulbs.  The problem with this string was that if a bulb was loose or missing from the socket, the entire string would not light.  One of the original packages displayed a young girl on the front staring in amazement at the action before her.  These Bubble Light Bulbs came in a variety of shapes and sizes with multiple colors of fluid in the tubes.
Noma was the king of Bubble Lights.  However, Noma was sold to a company called Inliten 15-20 years ago and their Bubble Light line all but vanished.  Today the Bubble Light torch has been picked up by several manufacturers such as Gerson, Roman, and GK and all product is UL.  The most popular style is the 7 light traditional Bubble Light string made by Gerson.  With green and red bases the vials bubble in greens, reds, blues and ambers.  The bulbs are spaced 18” apart and if one bulb burns out or comes out of the socket, the rest stay lit.  I have discovered one feature that is not mentioned on any of the packaging I have seen.  Occasionally, the lights do not bubble even though they are lit.  The solution is simple.  Tap the base of the light softly with a ruler or knife.  If that does not activate the fluid, simply unscrew the light, tip it upside down and shake it.  This will activate the bubbling action virtually every time.
And that’s not all!!!  To get a sampling of the extensive bubble lights now available, check out our selection of Bubble Lights online.  Yes, you can get the traditional set but now bubble lights have been adapted to an array of night lights!  The variety spans many categories.  eLightBulbs currently lists bubble light night lights with Disney Princess, Tinker Bell, Spiderman, Cats, Dogs, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Basketball, Snowman, Bear, Christmas Tree, Deer, Flamingo, Football, Grinch, Jumbo and Rudolph.  Although these bubble lights are sold as night lights, they are often placed in strings on the tree.
We have a rich tradition with Holiday Lighting (formerly Christmas Lighting).  Originally, we began as a local Minneapolis lighting supplier in 1951.  Paramount and Noma were some of our staple lines through the 1950s-80s and bubble lights have always been a part of our inventory.  Our biography indicates that we were the first lighting company to transact sales on the web.   
I can assure you that my Christmas Tree will always have bubble lights as part of the decorations.  This is one tradition that has endured due to a great concept and good memories.  I am looking forward to adding to my collection any new variety of bubble lights that will be available in 2009. 
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David McLellan
Aside from being the "jack of all trades" guy at eLightBulbs, Dave also enjoys the title of "President". He is an expert when it comes to lighting product knowledge, and when he gets a free moment, he enjoys sharing his thoughts through our corporate blog.
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