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eLightBulbs Blog > Are C7 and C9 Christmas Lights Still Relevant?

Are C7 and C9 Christmas Lights Still Relevant?

Posted by David McLellan on Nov 28, 2008
Are C7 and C9 Christmas Lights Still Relevant?

C7 and C9 Christmas String Sets and Bulbs have been around for years as a staple product. With today's new LED technology, are these older styles still relevant?

Are C7 and C9 Christmas Lights Still Relevant?

Over the last two years, the market has become increasingly focused on all of the new LED holiday lighting product.  As a result of this , I repeatedly have been asked. “What about the traditional C7 & C9 holiday lighting / Christmas lights?  Is this style now obsolete?” 

The answer I give is “Yes and No”.  This may sound like a political answer but it is true.  At eLightBulbs, we promote all types of LED holiday lighting.   Miniature LED holiday lighting saves 90% on energy and lasts 10-20 times longer than traditional holiday lighting.  You can also string 20-40 strings end to end instead of the 3-6 sets for traditional.  Miniature LED holiday lighting also offers several shapes and sizes of miniature bulbs. These include M5 (miniature), C6 (strawberry), G20 (raspberry / globe) and conical (sub-miniature)  Many stores even market a “C7” and “C9” bulb set which is nothing more than a  wedge based miniature bulb inside of a larger casing.  Every one of these offerings are great options for energy conservation.

What most people do not realize is that there is a direct replacement in LED form for the traditional C7 (indoor and outdoor) and C9 (primarily outdoor) screw base holiday light bulb.  There are several reasons why I recommend this option.

  1. They have a screw base which virtually insures against a bulb falling out of the socket.
  2. The particular style offered by eLightBulbs is rated at 100,000 burning hours. (up to 30 times the life rating on the traditional)
  3. Since LED bulbs will outlast the cord in any outdoor application, you can change the cord and reuse the bulbs multiple times over.
  4. If / When a bulb does come out or burn out, the bulb is easy to detect and replace.
  5. The C7 and C9 bulbs have much greater surface area which creates a much more visible light source. 
  6. You can use your existing traditional strings.
  7. Shingle tabs and other mounting devices maintain a much more uniform look using the C7 and C9s versus the miniature strings.
  8. For larger projects, you can create custom lengths up to 200’ with no extra plugs.

All of the primary color selections are available in both C7 and C9 styles.  You can use Assorted,  Blue,  Green, Orange, Pink, Polar White, Purple, Red, Warm White (equal in color to traditional clear)  or Yellow.  We stock all options year round at eLightBulbs.    In addition to the many benefits of using LEDs for holiday lighting, the majority of those who switch actually prefer the color effect of the LEDs to the traditional.

As always, the staff at eLightBulbs is willing to field any questions you may have regarding your holiday lighting applications.  Our answers are free and our product is competitive!

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About the Author
David McLellan
Aside from being the "jack of all trades" guy at eLightBulbs, Dave also enjoys the title of "President". He is an expert when it comes to lighting product knowledge, and when he gets a free moment, he enjoys sharing his thoughts through our corporate blog.
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