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Vibration service light bulbs sometimes known as rough service lamps used in commercial buildings or manufacturing plants.

Sometimes there are harsh or difficult environments where you need to have a better light bulb.  There are many production plants, manufacturing facilities that have machines that cause a lot of vibration and hum to the entire building.  As a result, standard bulbs don't last that long making them useless in this application.  The voltage surges, the constant movement deteriorates a hot filament very quickly, that's why vibration service light bulbs were developed. Common to almost every type of lighting application has been the standard vibration or rough service bulbs. These are the standard size bulbs which you might be familiar with, the ones you've probably bought for years in hardware stores.  You might also know them as household bulbs but with an improvement of greater construction.  These are really different than standard bulbs and you can see it in a clear version where the filament supports and thicker filament can be seen.  Of course, the manufacturing plant isn't the only application where vibration service bulbs are used.  People use them in their homes where slamming doors, trouble lights or general traffic can make your lighting vulnerable to failure.  You'll find that in a home lighting situation, that these bulbs can last for years and that makes them a real money saver, not to mention no longer having to change bulbs in a hard to reach light fixture.

Sometimes, vibration service bulbs are called long life bulbs and these typically have a life of 10,000 hours or more.  They've been a regular use item for large buildings, hotels and apartment complexes.  Although they are a long life, they are not very energy efficient, so many of these types of facilities have gone to a compact fluorescent fixture or retrofit to save energy and still get long life.  That's always an option in replacing these less efficient bulb types.  As stated, if you're a commercial user, then vibration service light bulbs would be the best choice for many of the applications you have today if you're not looking to make the added investment in compact fluorescent.  If you have incandescent lamps anywhere in your large building, they can be susceptible to something as incidental as slamming doors, elevators or moving companies and general traffic in common areas.  Even if you don't have problems, who wants to be changing bulbs so often?  These areas have a lot of vibration and so this lamp is an excellent choice to make your job easier and to save money over the long haul. 

There's never been a time when the selection of vibration service light bulbs has been greater than it has now.  So you can get the longer life without having to sacrifice the look of your fixtures. It doesn't matter whether you have floods or standard bulbs, the choices are excellent.  It's easy to order these from our online lighting store and you will get them in a few days shipped from our warehouse in Minnesota.  Whatever type you choose, you will be getting the highest quality and the most light you can for your money.  If you need help identifying a certain bulb, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.

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