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Verilux Happylite sunshine simulator for SAD therapy or for anyone who wants full spectrum light in their home or commercial office space.

Sometimes people need light therapy as a part of treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder, but many people don't have the right kind of fixtures for using the bulbs they need.  That's why we make available the Verilux product for our customers.  Of course, no one can prescribe this therapy but your doctor, but once he has, you can get them from us.  There are fluorescent full spectrum lamps used in this unit, making the true daylight color come through which is proper for a correct therapeutic benefit.  The Verilux Happylite is only 7 pounds, that means it's very portable and you can take it with you wherever you go.  Most people travel to some degree and they still need the benefits of the sunshine simulator. The unit has flicker free operation meaning you won't get a flickering start and will maintain a consistent operation. There is also a UV & EMF Shield Ground System which blocks harmful rays and electromagnetic field radiation. You don't have to be exposed to harmful rays while trying to get the benefits of the full spectrum light.  It includes wall-mount bracket, so you can put it on a wall in a stationary position or use the built-in stand.  The stand is great for most people who may not use it in just one area of their home or office. It produces the required 10,000 lux daylight balanced light at 9". 

Now perhaps you're not a person who has this ailment and you don't need therapy, this Verilux Happylite can still be a benefit to you as well.  In the winter months, many of us don't get enough sunlight as we go to an office in the dark and sometimes come home in the dark without getting any appreciable amount of sunlight.  That's when you can use this light to get the feeling of daylight in your office or home by just flipping a switch.  It can give a feeling of a sunny day, even when it's dreary or raining outside and that just feels better.  Because this is such a versatile lightbox, it can travel with you, it's like having a little bit of sunshine no matter where you are. 

Don't forget that there is a complete category of full spectrum light bulbs that can be used in your home.  You don't need to have a full spectrum lightbox to improve your surroundings with daylight color.  There are Westinghouse Realite lamps which meet the needs of many home fixtures which could use some whiter light.  Many people have used them because they are so inexpensive, but it might make sense to consider the full spectrum version now.  If you have a home and use standard light bulbs, then try these full spectrum versions.  Remember that they are the same physical size as the old standard bulbs, but they will give you a whiter light because the Neodymium coating filters out most of the offensive yellow color that most people don't like.  In a home or retail store, it will help bring out true colors of your interiors like no other kind of incandescent lamp.  How would you like to have an increased color depth to the things you display in your home?  Most people prefer having a more vibrant color environment, and there's nothing else that works like natural daylight that brings out true color.  When it's time to light up a space like natural daylight while staying with incandescent bulbs, then Westinghouse Realite are one of the best choices among full spectrum bulbs today.

If you've decided on eLightBulbs.com, you've made an excellent choice for good lighting and you're in good company. From your local retailer to finer homes, you will find that we supply many businesses and homes, so you can trust our helpful service. Remember, we have the Verilux Happylite in stock and we can answer any questions you might have about it.  If you need help with a full spectrum lighting program, our customer service representatives can help you determine what might be best for your situation.

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