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Universal pulse start metal halide ballasts for energy savings and maintenance repairs.

The latest innovation in HID lighting has been the development of pulse start technology which saves energy producing more lumens per watt.  It's something that engineers have been working on for a long time and now it's a viable product that is used in warehouses and production plants.  The bulb usually has a lower wattage such as 300, 320 or 350 watts that replace a standard 400 watt metal halide lamp.  So energy savings in these types of situations can be significant.  We supply the entire kit which gives you all the parts you need to replace your ballast for maintenance or energy savings.  We stock Universal HID pulse start metal halide ballasts for any kind of HID source you may have which includes metal halide, high pressure sodium or mercury vapor. HID lamps have been a trusted source of light year after year, and it's the standard for applications like industrial, roadway or security lighting.  For your general information, the high pressure sodium lamp gives off a golden white color and pulse start metal halide illuminates with a white light, that is how you can tell the difference.  You can count on Universal Lighting Technologies for the widest variety of ballasts for all kind of lighting applications.  We're are one of the largest distributors of this product line and we can't think of a better way to maintain your home, municipal or security lighting.  The kits comes with everything you need including core and coil, capacitor, and mounting hardware which will make your job easier.

As with all HID bulbs, they operate on magnetic or sometimes electronic ballasts to make them work. Universal ballasts for our pulse start metal halide lamps are one of the most popular brands in the industry with a history of reliable service that goes back many decades.  We stock them in a multi-tap voltage configuration which means you can use them on 120, 208 or 277 volt circuits.  We have 480 volt ballasts but those are almost always a dedicated voltage.  In either case, we make it easier for you by providing the correct one, without having to keep individual voltages on the shelf.  It should also be mentioned that ballasts for various types are not interchangeable. For example, a 400 watt pulse start metal halide and a 400 watt high pressure sodium do not use the same ballast.  In fact, a 400 watt pulse start and a 400 watt standard metal halide would not use the same ballast either! 

The range of the Universal product line includes operation for all the general categories of HID and all the available wattages used in industry today.  All of them have a capacitor as part of the kit which provides a high voltage for a brief moment, in order to start the arc.  It's a maintenance issue for building managers of warehouse, industrial, roadway and security lighting.  It's usually okay to retrofit a system such as high pressure sodium to metal halide as many people prefer the pure white color of the halide lamps.  The socket is usually the same and it's simply a matter of changing the ballast and lamp with our Universal HID replacement ballast kits.

Keep in mind that there are various types of Universal ballasts, we describe some of the general characteristics of them for industrial lighting today.  Whatever type you have, you will be getting the most reliable ballast on the market today.  Our inventory of ballasts is one of the most complete available online.  There's really no ballast, either electronic or magnetic, that we can't replace with the Universal brand.  If you need help identifying a ballast, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.  They're experts at helping you find what you need. It would be helpful if you can give them the number off the ballast label as that will help the process go faster.

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