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Sylvania Metal Halide 400 watt ET18 Metalarc light bulbs for your warehouse, office lighting, home lighting, outdoor lighting, or any other lighting needs.

With today's attention to design and efficiency, more people use Sylvania M400 metal halide light bulbs when it comes to finding very bright, energy saving, long life, high light quality light bulbs for their office lighting, warehouse lighting, or other facility lighting. Clearly the Metalarc bulb series is the most popular due to Sylvanias attention to detail on product quality, both in durability and light quality. While the technical term for the bulb is M400/U/ET18, they are simply referred to as 400 watt Metal Halide bulbs or 400 watt Sylvania Metalarc light bulbs. The ET18 in this bulb description indicates that the glass shape of the bulb is tube shaped and is 18 eights of an inch in diameter. This style allows you to use 400 watts of metal halide power in a more confined area than the standard shape would allow.

Sylvania Metal Halide lighting provides a safe, clean feeling for places and objects underneath it. The difference between this type of light and standard incandescent lighting or even high pressure sodium lighting is amazing. That is the reason metal halide lighting has become the choice of businesses and government lighting applications the world over. For instance, many airports have installed this type of lighting to enhance security and safety. It has been the same with prison lighting, supermarket lighting, and parking lot lighting. Certainly, the days of settling for orange tinted lighting are drawing to a close.

The most recognizable physical feature of this bulb is its unique tubular shape. Inside the long glass envelope you will see a smaller tube located where the filament of an incandescent light bulb typically is. It creates the light, while the surrounding shell serves to keep the special mix of inert gasses surrounding the center tube. This Sylvania light bulb produces light by allowing energy to pass through the arc tube, heating up special elements of the bulb and producing the visible light and heat byproduct. Metal Halide lighting contains some really efficient technology designed to provide the highest light output with the lowest possible energy consumption. This model has a large base, called a mogul base or E39 base and the small, thin bulb shape will allow it to fit into places the standard high intensity discharge lighting would not. These bulbs are offered as clear light bulbs as a standard and are also available as coated light bulbs for an even light spread.

It is a common misconception that these types of light bulbs show color very poorly. Well, in the case of the Sylvania Metalarc 400 watt light bulbs, it is just not the case. Color Rendering Index of this type of bulb is about 70, which means the color quality of this Metal Halide bulb is comparable to normal fluorescent lighting. In many modern facilities, this is the only type of light bulb used at all, thanks to its white color and massive floor coverage. The color temperature is a cool white 4100 Kelvin (4100K). In the end, you won't have to sacrifice quality and performance to save money each month on energy. The Sylvania M400/U/ET18 truly gives you the best of both worlds.

Users of Philips Switch Start Metal Halide MH400 bulbs and GE MVR400 Multi Vapor bulbs should really consider the benefits of upgrading to the Sylvania Metalarc lighting line. Sylvania puts tremendous effort into quality control and it shows in the superiority of their products. Combine that quality with our own brand of impeccable service, and you have a really great lighting solution for all your lighting needs. Not to mention the wide variety of metal halide light bulbs, as well as mercury vapor light bulbs and high-pressure sodium light bulbs available anytime, online, 365 days per year. When you buy your Sylvania light bulbs from eLightBulbs, you also get low prices and excellent service with helpful representatives to help you in choosing the right light bulb.

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