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Sylvania light bulbs and ballasts that you can buy online

Sylvania light bulbs are made by Osram Sylvania, Inc with the highest quality standards and the most frequent quality assurance checking in the industry. Considered one of the Big Three worldwide lighting manufacturers, Sylvania light bulbs are offered in several types including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, metal halide, and high pressure sodium. There are mercury vapor bulbs, sealed beam bulbs, miniature bulbs, and ballasts as well. GTE/Sylvania has been manufacturing light bulbs for years. Osram, a lighting powerhouse from Germany, obtained the lighting division and renamed it Osram Sylvania of North America. Virtually any lighting product you need is available from Sylvania and every single product is available online with eLightBulbs. We enjoy being the web's first online store to offer the complete Sylvania line of products and combine that with old-fashioned customer service that so many light bulb stores lack. In short, you get the best quality light bulb available from the store with the best level of service.

Sylvania incandescent light bulbs have been around a long, long time. In fact, Edison's original is still lighting up after well over 100 years of service. They operate based on an electrical current flowing through a carbon filament, creating friction, heat, and light. They are the least energy efficient of all light bulbs, but are inexpensive and flexible, as they fit in most any fixture in any location. Sylvania flood light bulbs, Sylvania appliance light bulbs, and Sylvania household light bulbs are all from this category. Halogen light bulbs are also incandescent, but they contain a special gas that will rebuild a damaged filament over time, thus extending the life of the bulb. They also burn hotter and brighter than normal incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs are great for garages and basement lighting, as well as recessed lighting, office lighting, and retail lighting. Some of the specific types of halogen bulbs are PAR20, PAR30, MR16, and MB light bulbs.

Sylvania fluorescent light bulbs are very, very popular in large offices and warehouses. They are also used in many kitchens, as the color of light produced by these bulbs can be considerably whiter than standard incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent lighting requires a ballast to be wired into your home, church, store, or office electrical system. They will last a long time, but eventually may need to be replaced. Thankfully, Sylvania ballasts are all available for you to order at eLightBulbs, so if you ever need to replace yours, just give us a call! The ballast provides an electrical charge that flows through the fluorescent bulb. On the way through the bulb, the charge causes the special phosphors on the glass bulb to glow, emitting visible light. It is a highly effective source of light, providing many more lumens per watt than incandescent bulbs. The Sylvania fluorescent bulbs also last many times longer, on average, than incandescent bulbs do. You can buy fluorescent bulbs in colors ranging from warm, soft white to cool white to daylight or full spectrum. You can also find ultraviolet or black light bulbs available. Blacklight bulbs are used in nightclubs and party rooms, and are especially popular to use at Halloween time.

Sylvania metal halide, Sylvania mercury vapor, and Sylvania high pressure sodium bulbs are all in the HID or high intensity discharge family of bulbs. These are used widely in outdoor environments, such as highways or parking lots, and in warehouse and manufacturing lighting applications. They provide the most efficient lighting available on the market today. HID light bulbs require a ballast to operate, just as fluorescent bulbs do. The initial investment is higher for this type of lighting than others, but the energy savings will quickly make up for any up front costs. These bulbs last a long time, and if you choose Sylvania metal halide, you can get bright, white light that is very pleasing to work in.

You can find all of Sylvania light bulbs and accessories, including ballasts, right here at eLightBulbs. We are happy to hear from you, so let us know if you have any questions about your lighting needs.

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