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Sylvania PAR30 halogen light bulbs available to order for your home, office, school, church, or other facility.

When bright, high quality light is needed in todays retail showroom, many people are turning to Sylvania PAR30 flood light bulbs. Lets face it, theres nothing inspiring about shopping in a place where you feel like you are in dingy, dull area. The PAR30 lamp is the best way to avoid those feelings and to ensure your guests feel as though they are in a well-lit, safe, clean, inviting area. In fact, chances are youve stood under these very lights on several occasions during your day. The coffee shop, the clothing store, and the grocery store will almost always use this style of light. Dont forget about your home, either. Halogen PAR30 lights work great in basements, kitchens, dens, entertainment rooms, and other areas.

Halogen light bulbs use a different style of construction than standard incandescent bulbs, even though halogen bulbs are very much part of the incandescent family. The reason that light bulbs burn out is a break in the filament. Once this critical item is broken, no power can get through the bulb and no light can be produced. The idea behind the PAR30 bulb is that halogen gas inside the bulb helps to rebuild and strengthen the filament over the life of the bulb. When weak areas form, often times that area will be restored as opposed to simply breaking. This means PAR30 bulbs will last longer than standard BR30 bulbs. The color of light from a halogen bulb is also whiter in color and brighter than a regular incandescent bulb.

The bulb is about three and a half inches long with a glass envelope. The bulb is three and three quarters of an inch wide, which is why the bulb is referred to as a PAR30. The standard screw-in base will fit any normal sized socket. The PAR represents the type of bulb, in this case a halogen flood shape. The number after PAR, in this case 30, represents the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. When you pick up a PAR30 light bulb, you immediately realize that this is a sturdy, well-built bulb. Its much heavier than similar incandescent bulbs; the glass is thick in order to protect the halogen capsule and filament inside. The front glass has a texture designed to distribute the light evenly.

One reason these bulbs are used so often in retail locations is the fact that they provide a very high quality of light. The CRI of 100 means objects appear just as they do under the noon sun. A red sweater will not appear tinted orange or brown, but as a true representation of the color of the fabric. Store owners the world over really need the goods they are selling to look as vibrant and attractive as possible. Sylvania PAR30 lamps are a great solution for these needs. They are used often in retail lighting, office lighting, and home accent lighting.

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