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FBO16T8 fluorescent light bulbs for energy savings in architectural lighting. The widest stock of u-shaped available from ServiceLighting.com

Among a family of u-shaped fluorescent light bulbs has emerged the most unusual size of the group that will fit in very small light fixtures, the FBO16T8.  These have been used in fixtures where space is at a premium, or in display lighting.  FBO16T8 fluorescent light bulbs are a great way to get a lot of light output with relatively little energy usage, especially when used in conjunction with electronic ballasts.  These are the T8 variety of fluorescent lighting and you can tell the difference between a T12 and a T8 by measuring the diameter of the bulb.  The T12 is the standard cool white or warm white lamp that's been used in offices throughout the world, sometimes they are known as a u-shaped version, but not as compact as the FBO16T8.  As with any fluorescent bulbs, they rely on ballasts to start them and to maintain an operating voltage. Ballasts are available from Universal which are electronic and we have those to go along with the lamps. If you have purchased a new fixture, they come with ballasts already mounted and wired, ready for use. The ballast is important because it is specific for each type of lamp.  You can't change from one type of fluorescent to another without changing the ballast in most cases.  On a rare occasion there may be a ballast that is made for several different types such as in the case of T8 lamps.

You can get these in almost any color you want which includes 3000K, 3500K, 4100K and 6500k colors.  The FBO16T8 fluorescent light bulbs have special phosphors that give it a similar color to other kinds of lamps you might be using in your office. The 6500K is a color which many people would consider to be a full spectrum fluorescent, so anywhere you incorporate daylight color, the 6500K would be the one you want. The length on these bulbs are 10.5 inches and that includes the bipin ends.  The average rated life is 20,000 hours, so most buildings will get many years use for the fixtures they use them in.  There have been times when people have had a hard time finding these at their local supply house, and most of the time it would be a special order for them, but we keep plenty in stock so you will always have a good source to buy from, eLightBulbs.com. Use us for any type of light bulbs you have, but keep us in mind the next time you're looking for something that isn't all that common. And because the FBO16T8 fluorescent is made by Sylvania, you know that you're going to get the best service from Sylvania's premier online distributor, eLightBulbs.com. Having the light bulbs you need like this one make us special among others, we have the entire Sylvania catalog available to you.  That means you get the best quality light bulbs and the service to the door of your home or business.

Because it's specified in many new office fixtures, we make the FBO16T8 fluorescent light bulbs a substantial part of our offering.  These u-shaped lamps are one of the types that we carry in a broad spectrum of fluorescent lighting, but we have others as well, everything from small dulux all the way up to very high output types. As stated before, these are some of the most unusual sizes of T8 u-bent lamps.  Whatever type of fluorescent you choose, you will be saving energy over incandescent lamps while getting the most light you can for your money.  The FBO16T8 is a little unusual and it looks similar to other larger sizes in this family of fluorescents, so if you need help making sure that you have the right one, please let our customer service representatives to help you determine what you have.

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