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Sylvania AR111 halogen light bulbs in 35, 50, 75 or 100 watts and a screw terminal base for low voltage lighting.

This is one very specialized halogen bulb, but it has many specific applications that it's used in and nothing else will do.  What makes them really unusual is the arc-shaped piece of metal that shields the actual halogen bulb.  The Sylvania AR111 halogen light bulbs are used when the shielding creates an indirect source of light which reflects off the back of the lamp reflector.  We've seen this used in some kinds of track lighting where glare prevention was a concern or a greater amount of beam control was needed.  Along with the glare issue, they've also been used in display and low voltage track lighting which have the need for an intense light but without the distracting filament intensity of a standard halogen flood light.

The Sylvania AR111 halogen is being specified in many architectural or building lighting situations.  The AR111 halogen does not fit into standard screw-in light fixtures, but instead has a specialized connection which is a screw terminal base.  The base has connection point on the back for the low voltage wiring.  These have a great futuristic look, so they make a great impression in retail lighting or in an open track light application.  Most people may not know it but these lamps are 12 volt and that's one of the reasons they've become so popular.  The advantages of low voltage lighting is that it's safer for many types of applications.  The double contact bayonet base is a little unusual and this is what many people would call a push and turn base, as that's how it goes into the socket.  The wattage choices on this lamp are 35, 50, 75 or 100 watts, so there is some flexibility as they are interchangeable.  They also come in a narrow flood, wide flood or spot version, and the choice is yours.  If you have high ceilings where these are used, then perhaps the spot will help you get light down to where you need it.  If your area has a lower ceiling, then the wide flood would definitely be the one to use as the beam will spread all around instead of leaving a distinct spot.

If you are a company or individual that cares about the color of the products that you have or the presentation of the product, then the Sylvania AR111 halogen light bulbs might be the right bulb for you.  Because it has a whiter color than other types of halogen that people find to be less than desirable.  For most buildings, these lamps are something that must be replaced because it was something that was originally specified by the electrical engineer or the architect.  The good news is that we always have this Sylvania lamp in stock, ready to ship, so you won't be caught without one yourself.  Your local distributor probably doesn't have these on the shelf and the price will be much higher, so let us humbly suggest you order the AR111 halogen light here.  Because there are many choices and it is an unusual bulb, you may want to call to make sure you have the right bulb for the application.  The AR111 are much bigger than it's smaller cousin the AR70 and they really are completely different, even then people still get them confused sometimes.

Sylvania calls their halogen line Capsylite and within that category are many different configurations of bulbs. The variety ranges from standard halogen floods to bipin halogen to the full spectrum variety called Daylight Plus.  Whatever the lighting need, there probably is a Sylvania lamp that will work correctly in that situation.  eLightBulbs.com is an online light bulb company that offers the entire Sylvania catalog for purchase over the web. So whether you need halogen, fluorescent or HID sources, we'll have the right bulb for your need. In this case, we have the breadth of the entire offering of Sylvania AR111 halogen light bulbs.  We have a large inventory of halogen bulbs for nearly every type of light fixture in the field.  If you need help identifying your light, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.

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