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Philips Philinea light bulbs for with double or single prong, consider our Linestra to replace it and for fixtures that require these special incandescent linear bulbs.

Unusual bulbs are one of our specialties. One of the more unusual lamps that people have trouble finding is the Philips Philinea light bulb.  It's a bulb that is a linear incandescent source which many people mistake for some kind of a fluorescent. If you're using the Philips Philinea, you may want to consider switching to the Sylvania Linestra. The reason for that is the Linestra has a white coating which gives off a wonderful light that is unmatched in many types of lighting schemes.  The Philinea has more of a frosted surface and doesn't have the opal white coating. If you're looking to replace these lamps generally, then their are several wattages available and the electrical and physical characteristics between the two brands are identical. But sometimes people have trouble locating replacements for them at a reasonable price.  That's where eLightBulbs.com can help you.  This is a lamp that we have in all of its varieties including both the two-pronged and single prong versions. 

Most people will find that these are used in bathrooms situations around mirrors but there's also other light fixtures where there used as well.  Like most incandescent lamps, the Philips Philinea light bulb is not known for extremely long life although some people have gotten long life out of it.  Sometimes they last so long because people don't use them as often. The available coatings in the Sylvania are an opal white.  The opal white is a very soft color and gives a good, even appearance and illuminates any shadows that might be transferred onto a surface.  The opal white is a truly wonderful light which brings the softness that no other lamp really can deliver.  That's why specifiers like it so much.  Our humble suggestion is that you use the Sylvania Linestra and we stock this lamp in several different configurations.

There is one wattage and configuration that is no longer available and that is the 35 watt single-pronged version.  If you can't replace it you may want to consider retrofitting or reconfiguring your fixture to allow for one prong version which we still have.  Most of the availability on these lamps is good, but this is one situation where the decision was made to no longer manufacture it.  The good news is that we have all the other wattage is available and prong configurations including the 60 watt, the 150 watt and the 35 watt double contact.  All of the Philips Philinea light bulbs we carry are the 120 volt type for use with American voltages.  There are some available in the industry that are imported from Europe that are 220 volt.  In fact, the lamp was originally developed there and many lighting designers fell in love with the effect it brings. Truly, it has a soft lighting effect that no other lamp has.

Sometimes people break off a socket for these Philinea lamps or they have an issue with making good contact.  Not to worry, if you do break one, we also carry the sockets for these and we sell them online as well.  It's important to properly maintained and carefully install these lamps as they are a little more fragile than other types.  The 150 watt version is 1 meter in length or slightly over 3 feet and when installing it, it's important to apply pressure on both ends evenly otherwise you might experience breakage.

You'll like our selection of Philips Philinea type lamps. But whatever type of lighting need you have, we have a large inventory of incandescent bulbs for nearly every type of light fixture in the field.  If you need help identifying the bulb you have, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.  That's the service you get from eLightBulbs.com!

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