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PAR30 red halogen flood light bulbs but also available in other colors like green, blue or amber.

Imagine being able to get your favorite color in a halogen flood light source, it's been something that's long overdue.  People want that controlled halogen beam they're used to, only in red color.  Now, all that's changed with PAR30 red halogen flood light bulbs from Service Lighting.  We know that you might have places where you want a splash of red for special occasions like a birthday, special event or the Christmas season.  The PAR30 red halogen flood light bulbs are the same physical size as a regular PAR30 short neck bulbs that you may be used to in many types of light fixtures. The PAR30 is a medium sized bulb and are not as large as many outdoor halogen flood bulbs available. You can tell what kind of PAR lamp you have by measuring the distance across the widest point of the bulb. The number after 'PAR' represents the number of eighths of an inch the bulb diameter is. Therefore, PAR30 lamps are 3 3/4 inches across and they are 75 watts with a flood beam spread.  PAR30 red lamps are available from Bulbrite. The codes numbers we have from our manufacturer are the H75PAR30R.  They have standard bases and are able to be used indoors or outdoors. This means they can be directly exposed to rain or snow and still function normally and they do not need to be covered by a light fixture.

If you are a company or individual that cares about the color of the products that you have or the presentation of the product, then the PAR30 red halogen flood light bulbs might be the right light bulb for you.  Because it creates colors that are vibrant, the reds are really red and it will correctly accent what you need.  And because this is a smaller lamp, it is sometimes used in cabinets or display cases as well enhancing those areas.  All you have to do is screw in this light bulb to get color in the things you're trying to highlight. You will also find the size of lamp used in track lighting for home, but also in commercial buildings where there might be a lower ceiling.  Either way, you'll get an outstanding color coming out and a better presentation of what ever your trying to display.

For special occasions, Christmas parties and other festive times, you will most likely find a our PAR30 red halogen flood light bulbs but these are also available in blue, yellow or green as well. Try using a colored lamp or combination to draw attention to a display or a special rack of items for clearance.  We have a large inventory of all types of halogen light bulbs for nearly every type of light fixture in the field.  If you need help identifying a bulb, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.

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