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Osram Sylvania light bulbs are the quality lighting you need for your business, commercial building or store.

Osram Sylvania light bulbs are the standard for all types of lighting including incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent and many HID sources such as metal halide.  Today, more and more businesses and home owners are not only concerned about a good price on a light bulb, but also the quality.  Osram Sylvania has been a manufacturer of bulbs for many years and have what we believe are the highest quality standards of any of them.  Not only is quality important, but they have a great research and development team looking for new ways to light our world.  Several years ago Osram of Europe bought Sylvania and then took on the dual name.  As mentioned before, there are several different families of Osram bulbs but they all have the mark of greater quality, so you will get many years of excellent service from these lamps.  As the premier distributor online for Osram, eLightBulbs.com makes available almost every type of bulb in the Osram Sylvania catalog.  We are experts with this brand and believe in it wholeheartedly.  For almost any type of lighting need, we know that we can have the right light bulb for you. There are many different sources of light that they provide and here are a few brief descriptions about each category of light.

Incandescent lamps are the type that were developed earliest of any of the other kinds and is still important today. But Sylvania was involved in creating a better incandescent bulb which became what we know today as a halogen light bulb.  A halogen bulb has greater light output as it uses special technology to recombine elements back onto the filament.  This was developed by the people at Sylvania and they've been a leader ever since in halogen lighting technology.  You'll see the difference when you light up a halogen from us compared to some of the other brands.  The light is generally brighter and beam pattern is excellent.  This can make a big difference if you have many of these in a retail store or in some track lighting in your home.  You want to be able to have a great presentation of what ever you have to highlight and with halogen bulbs from Osram Sylvania, you'll be getting the best possible light for that space.  In our online lighting store, you'll find everything from MR16 to PAR halogen lamps that will fit almost any type of recessed lighting or track.  You never again have to sacrifice the light you need just because the size of the bulb isn't right.

Osram Sylvania is also leading the way in fluorescent lighting with a complete line of linear and compact fluorescent products for home or commercial use.  There's probably no broader line of fluorescent products in the industry that have created a standard for many types used today.  They are the maker of the popular Dulux compact fluorescent which have been one of the best products for reliability and innovation.  Whether you have long fluorescent tubes or small plug-in compact types, you'll find that we can supply you with what you need from Osram.  One of the ways that Osram leads is in regards to the environment.  They have developed fluorescent lamps which use less mercury and therefore qualify for proper disposal. It's the Sylvania Ecologic stamp that you'll see on their fluorescents that means it has a lower mercury content.

Among the major types of lighting, high pressure sodium bulbs are the one most people know the least about. It is, however, one of the best options for energy saving and long life. The technology involved in HID lighting is similar to fluorescent lighting. An arc is established between two electrodes in a gas-filled tube which causes a special vapor to produce the light you see. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, this light does not need a coating of phosphors in order to produce the light, the light comes from the arc itself and creates a tremendous amount of light. In the broader category of HID lighting, these are the ones you see with the slightly yellow color in a parking lot or on the freeway.  We have all types of choices in HID lighting from Osram.

If you've decided on Osram, you've made an excellent choice for good lighting and you're in good company. From your local retailer to finer homes to warehouse lighting, you will most likely find Osram bulbs lighting your way. Remember that there are many types of Osram bulbs, we describe just some of the most common used in home and commercial lighting here.  Whatever type you choose or have, you will be saving energy while getting the most light you can for your money.  If you need help identifying the bulb you have, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.

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