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MR11 halogen light bulbs with 24, 12 or 6 volt 4mm bipin from Sylvania. Good beam control with a very small size.

If you've installed one of the newer track lighting fixtures, you might find the MR11 halogen light bulbs used in some of these.  It's a smaller lamp than it's larger cousin, the MR16 lamp.  This lamp is a fine example of halogen light technology with very precise beam control.  Sometimes people say they look like little satellite dishes and there are some similarities to that shape.  The MR11 was developed as a 12 volt or 6 volt lamp for use in low voltage lighting systems.  It's almost impossible to get the same quality of halogen light effect from any other kind of lamp.  Like all halogen capsule bulbs, they are filled with a special gas that actually rebuilds the filament and provides longer average lifespan than normal incandescent bulbs. Halogens come in different shapes and sizes for various different uses. Some common halogen types are PAR, JC, Double Ended, MR16, and A-Line or MB.  The MR11 is the one that has a 1.4 inch reflector with a silvered (dichroic) coated which is usually faceted when it's a flood light, non-faceted when it's usually a spot.  Halogen bulbs burn about 10 percent brighter, whiter, a hotter than normal incandescent bulbs.  The bright light is something that is useful in a large number of lighting applications. This is especially useful in task lighting, retail showrooms, anywhere color and proper illumination is important to make things look their best.

Halogen light bulbs should not be touched with your skin in any way. If they are touched, their is a good chance there will be premature failure.  In case you ever do touch a halogen light bulb, wipe it thoroughly with a soft cloth. Bulbs that are covered, like the PAR and some of the MR11 halogen light bulbs, are okay to touch, since you are not touching the actual bulb but a heavy, thick glass that covers the light bulb.  Most commonly, they are put into an enclosure, but be aware of touching a halogen capsule itself directly, is not a good idea.  The MR11 lamp is low voltage in most cases, but those voltages can vary to include 24 volt, 12 volt or 6 volt.

If you have MR11 halogen light bulbs in your home or business, then you want to make sure of several characteristics when replacing them.  You need to make sure that the reflector opening is 1.4 inches, verify the operating voltage of the lamp and the pin spacing of the bulbs themselves.  A typical MR11 halogen has a pin spacing at 4 millimeters.  It's important to also get the wattage of the lamp which is clearly marked in most cases.  If you have these basics then the only other thing you will need is the beam spread.  This is determined by degrees but also by a descriptive term like narrow flood or narrow spot and so on.  If you can find these characteristics, then you can find them on our web site or you can call us to verify your information.

In summary, halogen light bulbs are available in wide varieties and sizes, and can be used, among many other things, to replace standard incandescent light bulbs. Of course, you will need fixtures that will have the correct equipment for the MR11 halogen bulbs.  They will emit a whiter, brighter light that is considered by a vast majority of people more desirable than regular light bulbs.  Whatever type of fluorescent you choose or have, you will be saving energy while getting the most light you can for your money.  We have a large inventory of halogen bulbs for nearly every type of light fixture in the field.  If you need help identifying a MR11 halogen bulb, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.

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