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GE Lumiline light bulbs for those fixtures that require these special disk ended bulbs.

NOTE: We currently do not have any Lumiline bulbs in stock

Many years ago, GE came out with a special light bulb that was made for certain types of light fixtures which required a linear source. This was the beginning of the GE Lumiline incandescent light bulb.  This bulb is an unusual one and many people think initially that what they have is some kind of a fluorescent.  It's actually an incandescent lamp with a long filament structure made to illuminate an area in a linear fashion.  when we say many years ago, we mean somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 years ago.  These have a disk end on either side of the bulb and a long tubular shape, usually with a white finish but we also have some in clear.

Like most incandescent lamps, the GE Lumiline light bulb is not known for extremely long life although some people have gotten that out of it.  Sometimes they last so long because people don't use them as often.  Some of the typical places that there used are in bathrooms or task lighting or sometimes a furniture situation.  If you have and embedded furniture situation, then it won't be easy to retrofit them.  And typically most people are trying to change these into something more efficient and something that's available in the future.  We have the widest selection of GE Lumiline light bulbs but they are considered by most manufacturers to be a coming obsolete item.  If you have these in some fixtures, it might make sense to stock up on the for the future if you're not going to change out the fixture itself.

Of all the different brands of Lumiline light bulbs, GE are the only ones that are left today and are available.  There were some made by Philips and those were designated by them as Lumiline II, which are no longer available at all.  These had a side clip which would attach to the fixture making them different than the GE brand.  As stated before, availability on these is questionable for the future, but for now we have the GE brand in stock.

The available coatings are in white and clear.  Clear speaks for itself and it's simply a transparent tube and the incandescent filament gives off a light that is very warm and inviting.  The white is a very soft color and gives a good, even appearance and illuminates any shadows that might be transferred onto a surface.  The white is probably the most popular of any of the GE Lumiline light bulbs in use today.  Sometimes it can be difficult to identify this lamp, but if you have the one that has the disk ends than what you have is the one we're talking about.

Some people have been looking for the clips for these and as far as we know, they are not available.  It's been some time since they've been available to anyone.  On a rare occasion somebody has found some on the web and it might not hurt to check eBay on that.  If they were still available, they would command a high price which would make it better to change the fixture to something like a fluorescent.  In fact, you may want to consider that anyway because of where availabilities of this bulb will probably eventually go.  There are a lot of choices in linear sources of light which can do a better job and have good availability on the lamps themselves.  But if you're one of those people who likes the look of the GE Lumiline light bulbs, then please take advantage of our offering online and buy a few for your home or office.

Whatever type of lighting need you have, we have a large inventory of incandescent bulbs for nearly every type of light fixture in the field.  If you need help identifying the bulb you have, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.  That's the service you get from eLightBulbs.com!

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