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Full spectrum household light bulbs for true color lighting with the Sylvania Daylight or Westinghouse Realite brand.

For years, people have wanted to get a daylight color in the household light bulbs they use.  Now, there are A19 lamps which meet the needs of many home fixtures which could use some whiter light.  Many people have used them because they are so inexpensive, but it might make sense to consider the full spectrum version.  If you have a home and use standard light bulbs, then use these natural light versions.  Remember that they are the same physical size as the old standard bulbs, but they will give you a whiter light because the Neodymium coating filters out most of the offensive yellow color that most people don't like.  In a home, it will help bring out true colors of your interiors like no other kind of incandescent lamp.  How would you like to have an increased color depth to the things you display in your home?  Most people prefer having a more vibrant color environment, and there's nothing else that works like natural daylight that brings out true color.  When it's time to light up a space like natural daylight while staying with incandescent bulbs, these are the best choice among full spectrum household light bulbs today.

Incandescent lamps are the type that were developed earliest of any of the other kinds and these developed into what we know as the A19, which are the same size as what you use at home.  There are several different varieties of these lamps in this shape which include long life bulbs, Daylight plus, clear, frosted, soft pink and the ever popular soft white.  The soft white bulbs are the ones most commonly used for reading and table lamp fixtures, but the full spectrum version may work better for most people than soft white.  Along with home lighting, people have been concerned about the kind of like that they're working under or living under.  That's why so many people are turning to what is called full spectrum lighting. The term full spectrum is most often used when referring to fluorescents that simulate natural outdoor light, but these full spectrum household light bulbs also fit this category. For an office, full spectrum fluorescents are a great option to get better natural lighting, but so are the incandescent full spectrum. But the Sylvania Daylight A19 light bulbs aren't a fluorescent bulb and therefore don't have the same type of light as fluorescent. It's an incandescent with special coatings that has the warmer tones filtered out. However, the term full spectrum is primarily used when referring to those lamps that fall into the white to blue/white color temperature range.  Most of their Daylight incandescent light bulbs use a blue phosphor coating which you can see when you look at it unlit.

If you've decided on eLightBulbs.com, you've made an excellent choice for full spectrum lighting and you're in good company. From your local retailer to finer homes to general lighting, you will most likely find these full spectrum household light bulbs in service. Remember that there are many types of bulbs, we describe just some of the most common used in home and commercial lighting here.  Whatever type you choose, you will be getting the highest quality for your money.  If you need help identifying a bulb, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.

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