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Fluorescent black light bulbs for special effects, posters, quality control inspection. Sylvania, Eiko or GE for your lighting needs.

For years then most popular kind of lighting effect has been done with fluorescent black light bulbs. It's the kind of lighting that brings them back to when they were a kid lighting up special colors on a poster or an object.  While that may be what most of us are used to, there are many types of special effects lighting available on the market today.  Black lighting comes in all different categories of lighting which includes incandescent, fluorescent and HID sources which emit light in different ways.  These bulbs give off a glow which people say is a deep purple color and causes certain kinds of objects or colors to react to the light.  This type of light has been used for this and many other applications like stage lighting for a night sky, display, special occasions bowling alleys and marketing gimmicks to get the attention of shoppers.  You can't help but love the way it lights up, turning everything into something completely different.  One of the problems that many people run into is getting the right size light for the specific lighting need they have.  That's why we have a wide variety of sizes and lengths to fit the fixture you have.

Although there are several choices of fluorescent black light bulbs, there are really two main types which are the black light blue and the standard black light which looks white when it's unlit, but has a specific nanometer range for certain kinds of lighting. The latter is used for inspection of materials but also is used in bug zappers, that's the color we're talking about here.  The 350 black light or 350BL has been used for industrial inspection and and quality control situations, so if you do that kind of work, this is probably the black light you need.  Evidently, the light helps people see defects in metal or other manufactured products. If on the other hand, you're going to be having a party or have a Halloween gig, then the typical lamp is the black light blue.  Both of these types are available as a fluorescent and not the incandescent.  The incandescent isn't as good of a light because it simply uses a coating over the bulb, which isn't as effective.  If you want the best results for any kind of black lighting situation, then you need to go for the fluorescent sources.  The fluorescent are sometimes designated as an F40T12BLB, which stand for black light blue.  The other type might be labeled as an F40T12BL.  Whichever one you have, it's best to stay with exactly the same one.

As with all fluorescent black light bulbs, they rely on ballasts inside the fixtures in order to make them work. Ballasts are available from Universal, Magnatek, Advance, Osram Sylvania, among others.  The ballast is important because it is specific for each type of lamp.  You can't change from one type of fluorescent to another without changing the ballast in most cases.  On a rare occasion there may be a ballast that is made for several different types such as in the case of certain T8 lamps. Most of the time the ballast and the lamp are matched electrically and so it's good to make sure the ballast you have is the right one for the lamp you choose.  When it comes to black lights, you usually don't have much of a choice in changing lamp types, so you need to stick with the fixture and lamp combination you have.

There are many types of fluorescent black light bulbs, we describe some of the most common used in industrial or home lighting here.  There are also the compact fluorescent types which screw into regular light bulb sockets which makes for an easy effect.  Whatever type you choose or have, you will be getting the best light bulbs on the market today.  We have a large inventory of bulbs for nearly every type of light fixture in the field.  If you need help identifying the bulb you have, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.

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