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Black lights are a fun way to add unique and memorable effects to your bar, party room, halloween party, birthday party lighting, and other exciting events and places.

Blacklight light bulbs are being manufactured in more ways than ever before, and we've got all of them listed here on our site for you to browse through. The most familiar type of blacklight bulb is the fluorescent type, which comes in sizes as small as 6 inch all the way up to 48 inch. The four foot blacklight is a T12 fluorescent and is very popular for use in night clubs, theme parks, and Halloween attractions and parties. They are easy to use, as they replace any regular T12 bulb in the same fixtures, such as shop lights or ceiling mounted models common to kitchens or bedrooms. The other sizes, 9 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch, and 36 inch, are only less popular since those particular lengths of bulb are not common in normal residential lighting applications. In addition to the straight tube fluorescent black light bulbs, you can also get a two-pin compact fluorescent bulb, item SL20299, which is a CF9DS, also known as Dulux S 9W/78. There is also a screw-in compact fluorescent bulb, item QQ05439, that will fit any normal socket, like those found in a table lamp or regular light fixture.

In the fluorescent category, there are black light bulbs (BL) and black light blue light bulbs (BLB). If you are replacing a existing bulb, you will be able to tell which one you need by simply looking at the bulb when it is not lit. If your fluorescent blacklight bulb is white when unlit, you have a standard BL model. If your bulb is purple or dark blue when unlit, you will need to get a blacklight blue bulb (BLB). The light they emit is different, too, even though they are both ultraviolet light sources and will basically accomplish the same thing, which includes, but is not limited to, making your new T-shirt logo glow in the dark! The BLB bulb produces a deep, dark purple light and the BL produces a brighter blue tinted light.

In addition to the fluorescent models described above, you can useregular incandescent blacklight bulbs, which will replace virtually any normal screw-in bulb you have at home or in the office. The AL03921 is a tube shaped ultraviolet light about 5 inches long with an E26 (standard) base. If you are looking for a regular shaped light bulb in black light, you can choose a 60 watt under item SL11715 or a 75 watt under item AL03920. Everything about this bulb is the same as any 60 or 75 watt bulb, except it's a blacklight. Finally, we also have a 75 watt R30 flood bulb, which is perfect for track lighting or recessed lighting fixtures. You will want to make sure you compare the size of the bulb with the one you use; our bulb is 3 3/4 inches across and 6 1/2 inches in total length, from tip-to-tip. All of the incandescent bulbs in this category are dark purple in color when lit or unlit.

A very popular use of blacklights is in situations at water parks, night clubs, etc. when employees need to check for a admission stamp on customer's hands, for instance. We have a hand-held complete solution for this under item number BK01578. It includes the lantern and two installed black light bulbs for complete, battery operated, portable use. For applications where you do not have a fixture to use for the black light application, you can use item GL47912, which is a fixture w/ plug that comes pre-installed with a fluorescent blacklight bulb.

Mercury Vapor black lights are also available here in 100 watt spot models. The H44GS-100SP and the H44GS-100MDSKSP are your options, both come in a PAR38 size with medium (E26-'standard') bases. These are highly specialized light bulbs that require special fixtures and ballasts in order to operate.

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