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T5 fluorescent ballasts are the latest technology from the Sylvania Quicktronic series and are all listed, shown, and available to buy online right here.

T5 Quicktronic ballasts are highly developed fully electronic devices for starting and maintaining T5 fluorescent light bulbs. Very much like all other fluorescent bulbs and all other metal halide, mercury vapor, and high pressure sodium light bulbs, T5 bulbs must have a ballast in order to work at all. Typically, this type of ballast is fairly light weight, long, and thin. The device will typically have wire leads coming out of it, or at least will have holes where wires can be attached while installing the ballast. The number of wires will depend on the specific design of the ballast you need. Some are designed for 1 bulb, others are designed for 2 or more. Most ballasts currently available will work with both 120 volt or 277 volt electrical systems, and many others will work with one or the other. The actual make-up inside is a mix of electronic circuit boards, wire, and material (often sand) to diffuse the heat generated by the ballast.

T5 Pentron fluorescent bulbs use the most cutting-edge technology, which means they actually are the most energy efficient fluorescent bulb on the market today. This also means the cost for this technology is a bit higher up-front than older styles like T8 lighting or T12 lighting. This higher cost does not mean the T5 lighting systems won't save the user money--they still will. The savings will come in reduced energy use over the long life of the bulbs and ballast. The leader, by a wide margin, in this type of lighting is Osram Sylvania. In fact, GE and Philips offerings can't hold a candle to the advanced Pentron bulbs and Pentron ballasts manufactured by Sylvania. When you choose this brand, you are getting the best ballast and/or bulbs that you can possibly get.

The most common use for Pentron T5 ballasts is in industrial applications. You will find them in the lighting systems for law offices, medical facilities, and other professional institutions, even though T5 lighting would be beneficial in virtually any location. Sylvania Pentron HO T5 lamps were designed to deliver the maximum amount of lumens from the shortest possible length. The lamp is extremely bright, in fact a Pentron HO T5 lamp can produce nearly twice the light output of a T8 lamp of similar length, which means that a single Pentron can often be used in place of two T8 lamps. A one lamp fixture can be more stylish and compact, and since a single, slender tube is a more concentrated light source, these fixture designs can offer a better quality light source.

For those who like dimmable lighting, Sylvania Pentron Quicktronic ballasts are available for that function as well. They are the ultimate in T5 dimming technology. Specifically named the Quicktronic PHO DIM ballasts, they offer a wide, continuous, flicker-free 100 to 1 percent dimming range, so you can get a low-light setting for movie time, a mid-range for dinner, and a full brightness for a game of Monopoly. These ballasts can be controlled by a wide variety of DC control devices, including light sensors, building automation systems, and compatible wall box dimming controllers. Unlike two-wire, standard dimming ballasts, Quicktronic T5 PHO DIM ballasts maintain an exceptionally high power factor and a very low noise level, over their entire dimming range.

Don't hesitate to call us at 800.948.1063 if you have any questions or need help finding the exact T5 ballast you need. Our helpful representatives are always happy to hear from you. If you wish to browse our collection of T5 ballasts, you can click here.

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