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SureFire L4 LumaMax LED flashlights with clip for rugged terrain, long life, and bright white light in any activity or location.

SureFire flashlights have certainly earned their place in society over the years as the best flashlights you can buy. From the aerospace grade Type III aluminum body, tempered Pyrex window with anti-reflective coating, to the Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens, you simply wont find a better-made product. The SureFire L4 LumaMax is a compact (shirt pocket size) dual-output LED flashlight for backpacking and general use. It uses a virtually indestructible power-regulated light-emitting diode (LED) light source plus a two-stage tail cap switch for instant selection of desired output level. Choose from an extremely long-runtime low beam for close-up work or a long runtime high beam with almost 7 times the light of a standard 2-D cell flashlight. You get a long runtime, small size, high light output, and 10-year battery shelf life, which make it perfect for an everyday-carry light as well as for extreme locations and conditions.

The L4 flashlight will fit in the palm of your hand and maintains its brightness very well through the life of the battery. It comes with a convenient belt clip to hook on to a helmet or other hat for hands-free use. The clip also works well on a belt ro in a pocket. It is about five inches long and it weighs roughly 3 ounces. The small size allows it to easily store in your tackle box, pocket, tool box, utility drawer, or desk. The L4 uses (2) 123 Lithium batteries; two are included with the flashlight. The run time on average is 1.5 hours on low power and 1 hour on high level. The bulb is made with a pre-focus high-output tactical level beam so bright that it can temporarily blind and disorient a person or animal. The bulbs will last for thousands of hours which ensure more useable time and less down-time switching burned out bulbs. In case you have a need, a blue lens, a green lens, and a red lens are available, as well as a quick-detach holster.

There are several reasons that LED lights, like the SureFire L4, are preferable to conventional incandescent lamps. For one, SureFire LED lights will last thousands of hours versus less than fifty hours for even the top-of-the-line incandescent lamps. Second, LED lights produce almost no invisible infrared radiation, as opposed to most incandescent lamps, which emit over 85% of their output as infrared. Because of this, LED lights are much more efficient in producing light than incandescent lamps; very important for battery operated flashlights. Third, because LED lights are very sturdy in construction, and have no mechanically sensitive parts such as filaments or glass bulbs. They are resistant to shock, even intense shock, making them well-suited for mounting on firearms or in intense environments.

When discussing all of the capabilities of the SureFire L4, it is easy to see why more people choose SureFire for high quality reliable light. There are many different situations in life when you need a flashlight that has a long battery life, durable bulbs, and a compact, convenient size. When only the best of the best will do, the L4-HA-WH LumaMax is the ideal answer, giving you a blend of brightness, battery life, and durable construction. We are proud to have all of the SureFire products available to order on our website. Thanks for visiting our site, and enjoy your new flashlights!

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