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50R20 full spectrum flood light bulbs for more natural lighting with the Sylvania Daylight or Westinghouse R20 Realite brand.

For years, people have wanted to get a more natural color in the small R20 flood light bulbs they use.  Now, there are small sized R20 lamps which meet the needs of eyeball and track light fixtures which could use some whiter light.  The R20 incandescent is considered a small flood used in many types of adjustable or track lights making it one of the most versatile lamps on the market.  Many people have used them because they are so inexpensive, but it might make sense to consider the full spectrum version.  If you have a retail store and use standard R20 lamps, then use these natural light versions.  Remember that they are the same physical size as the old standard R20, but they will give you a whiter light because the Neodymium coating filters out most of the offensive yellow color that most people don't like.  In a retail store, it will help bring out true colors of your products like no other kind of incandescent lamp.  How would you like to have an increased color depth to the merchandise you market or things you display in your home?  Most people prefer having a more vibrant color environment, and there's nothing else that works like natural daylight that brings out true color.  When it's time to light up a space like natural daylight while staying with incandescent floods, these are the best choice among incandescent lamps today.

The R20 full spectrum flood light bulbs are a reflector type that has been used for decades when other forms of small floods were not available.  With today's halogen technology, there are more choices for small lighting sources to replace these.  The wattage is the standard 50 watt version, so these make a good direct replacement for the existing ones you might have now.  We have the Sylvania Daylight 50R20/DAY and the Westinghouse Realite 50R20/NEO which is the daylight version made by them.  The reflector face is 2 1/2 inches in diameter and the length is 4 inches.  Simply screw them into any place where you have the standard R20 or old 50R20 and you will see the difference that natural lighting can make in your home or office.  And think about this for your office, you might want to consider using 5000K fluorescents to brighten up your working space.  You can get fluorescent tubes in almost any color you want including the more desirable full spectrum light.  The full spectrum has special phosphors that give it a similar color to natural daylight.  One of the best brands for this is the Panasonic T10 5000K or F40T10/5000K.  It gives out more light than a standard 40 watt fluorescent and it produces light the way our eyes naturally use it, giving better visual acuity and reducing problems like eyestrain.  This should help reduce some of the complaints you get from people in regards to working on their computer screens all day long.

In the home, you'll like using the R20 full spectrum flood light bulbs in places like your kitchen and bathroom.  The reason they're especially good in areas like kitchens and bathrooms is because of the white surfaces they usually have.  This makes those surfaces and areas appear whiter, giving a cleaner, white look.  There are homes which have small track lighting which highlights pictures or other items of interest, and the R20 full spectrum flood light can also make those items look better.  It really makes your home more appealing compared to using yellow colored incandescent light.  If you have any of the areas described here, please buy some of these light bulbs for your home, you'll be glad you did.

Remember that there are many types of full spectrum flood light bulbs, we describe the common small R20 flood light here.  But keep in mind that we also stock all the Sylvania light bulbs and Westinghouse bulbs used in commercial lighting.  Whatever type you have, by switching to full spectrum, you will be getting more natural lighting. We have a large inventory of bulbs for nearly every type of light fixture in the field.  If you need help identifying a bulb, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.

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