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250PAR38 halogen light bulbs for church lighting or auditorium, places where high illumination is required.

For those of you who need the highest light output possible from a PAR38 halogen, we offer this 250 watt version.  For years, people have been aware of a need to get lots of light in a relatively small package with a reflector to direct light where it is needed.  Often, these 250PAR38 flood lights are a standard for many hi-bay situations which still need to be dimmable such as churches or auditoriums or college lecture halls.  Sylvania made this lamp in response to a GE version that has been on the market for some time, but we feel that the Sylvania product is superior as it has Capsylite technology which gives it a 4500 hour average rated life!  Sylvania put a halogen capsule light in a reflector to give a great amount of light output while delivering good beam control.  PAR38 bulbs in general have a short neck with a large reflector, just above the Edison (medium) base.  Though many PAR38 bulbs are similar from different manufacturers, we do believe that this product is superior for its beam patterns and light output.  As the original developer of halogen lighting technology, they excel in delivering a quality product for either commercial use or for your home.

Like all halogen bulbs, the 250PAR38 halogen bulbs are filled with a special gas that actually rebuilds the filament and provides longer lifethan normal incandescent bulbs. They come in different shapes and sizes for various different uses. The PAR38 halogen light bulbs are flood shaped with the heavy, thick glass that is common to many medium to large sized halogen bulbs. PAR stands for parabolic aluminized reflector. These types of bulbs will provide you with a high light output, a more white-colored light (a higher color temperature - approximately 3000K), and longer life than normal R or BR reflectors. That is why the halogen are many times used in energy saving lighting situations because they are more efficient in their light production. The PAR38 is a good direct replacement for the incandescent R40 lamps that have been used in outdoor lighting or track and recessed cans over the past decades. In fact, the 250PAR38 halogen could replace up to a 500 watt incandescent reflector flood in some high applications, delivering the same usable light into a space.  These also come in a flood beam or a spot beam pattern.  Depending on how high these are mounted should determine which beam spread you should use.  Generally higher applications need a spot version. 

Sylvania generally calls their halogen line Capsylite and within that category are many different configurations of light bulbs. The variety ranges from standard halogen light bulbs to bipin halogen to the full spectrum variety called Daylight Plus. There are also track lighting bulbs, indoor floods and indoor/outdoor PAR floods.  Whatever the lighting need, there probably is a Sylvania lamp that will work correctly in that situation.  eLightBulbs.com is an online light bulb company that offers the entire Sylvania catalog for purchase over the web. So whether you need halogen, fluorescent or HID sources, we'll have the right bulb for your need. In this case, we have the breadth of the entire offering of Sylvania lamps including the 250PAR38 halogen.

From auditorium lighting to track lighting in retail stores, we have the right kind of halogen for every purpose. Whatever type of lighting need you have, you will be getting one of the highest light output halogens on the market today, able to work in almost any lighting application.  Along with these great Capsylite products, we have a large inventory of bulbs for nearly every type of light in the field.  If you need help identifying your  bulb, our customer service representatives can help you determine what you have.

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