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eLightBulbs Blog : Archive for August, 2010

Blog Archive for August, 2010:

What Are Rope Lights? (Aug 30)
The Rope Lights section of the site here was recently renovated, and so I thought I'd look into rope lighting a bit and see what it's about.
What Are Heat Lamps Used For? (Aug 27)
I thought it'd be interesting to do a little research on heat lamps and their applications, including how some pets require the extra heat such lamps provide.
We Need Energy Efficient Behavior As Well As Light Bulbs (Aug 26)
Studies have shown that for a long time, whenever humans create a way to use a resource more efficiently, it does not result in decreased usage of the resource. On the contrary, the resource becomes more used.
Energy Efficient Tube Fluorescent Replacements from Eiko (Aug 24)
Eiko has a variety of energy efficient options available for replacing tube fluorescent lighting. From LED light bulbs to improved efficiency tube fluorescents, Eiko is prepared for a green future.
New Energy Efficient Light Bulbs from Litetronics (Aug 23)
Litetronics has been working up some new compact fluorescent light bulbs, from high watt CFL to relative high watt cold cathode CFL.
New and Improved LED Light Bulbs (Aug 20)
LED light bulbs produce light in quite a different way than incandescents and compact fluorescents. Early on most LEDs could only light small areas, but newly designed LED light bulbs are changing that.
GE Reveals New Reveal® Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb (Aug 19)
GE has released glass-covered compact fluorescent versions of its Reveal® line of light bulbs, which have been solely incandescent for a long time.
So Many Light Bulbs, So Little Time (Aug 17)
Light bulbs and light bulb prices are changing constantly. While we've been using incandescents for a long time, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs are quickly replacing them.
SureFire Flashlights and Tactical Lights (Aug 13)
SureFire flashlights (or illumination tools, as they refer to them) and tactical lights are incredibly bright and durable. They use state of the art manufacturing processes and components to create the brightest and most dependable flashlights available.
Nokero, the Solar Powered Light Bulb (Aug 10)
A man from Colorado named Stephen Katsaros has created a fully self-contained solar powered light bulb that he expects will work wonders for the over one billion people worldwide without electricity.
Hawaii Using LED Light Bulbs to Save Electricity and Money (Aug 9)
Businesses, hospitals, and government buildings in Hawaii are using LED light bulbs and seeing outstanding savings on their energy bills.
Compact Fluorescents for Barns, Stadiums, and More! (Aug 6)
As compact fluorescents get higher in wattage, their size also increases. When you get to 100 watts and above, "compact" isn't quite as accurate.
Difference in light between CFLs and incandescents? Not anymore! (Aug 4)
Compact fluorescent light bulbs have had light quality matching and/or exceeding that of incandescents for a while now. A study conducted in New Zealand has only solidified this fact.
Cold Cathode Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs in Winter (Aug 2)
Standard CFLs don't operate very well in cold weather, but there is a type of compact fluorescent that excels in all temperatures: the cold cathode compact fluorescent light bulbs.
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