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eLightBulbs Blog : Archive for June, 2010

Blog Archive for June, 2010:

Ideal Light Bulbs for Kitchens (Jun 30)
In the next few blogs I'll be discussing the best light bulbs for specific rooms in houses. Today I write about kitchen lighting.
Save Energy and Stay Cool this Summer with Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and More (Jun 29)
Compact fluorescent light bulbs are a great, easy way to save energy. Consider these ideas as ways of supplementing your energy saving this summer.
New Light Bulb Labeling Illuminates Important Info (Jun 28)
The Federal Trade Commission recently announced new labeling required on light bulb packaging that provides important information about each bulb, from compact fluorescent light bulbs to incandescent.
Energy Efficient Lighting Helps Businesses Grow (Jun 25)
Businesses can save a lot of money in the long run by replacing inefficient light bulbs like incandescents with energy efficient solutions such as compact fluorescents and LED light bulbs.
Litetronics Releases LED PARFECTION and LED-DECO Lines (Jun 23)
Litetronics International has just released their new LED PARFECTION and LED-DECO product lines, which provide an LED solution to dimmable flood lighting.
Open or Closed Compact Fluorescents (Jun 22)
Compact fluorescent light bulbs come in open and closed varieties; you're probably most familiar with the open, "swirly" CFLs, but there are also closed types.
LED Christmas Lights (Jun 21)
Do you put up Christmas lights when the season comes round? If so you should check out our wide selection of Christmas light string sets, especially the LED Christmas lights!
Are you spending too much on lighting? (Jun 18)
If you still use only incandescent light bulbs in your home, you are spending significantly more than you would if you switched to energy efficient solutions like compact fluorescent light bulbs or LED light bulbs.
Things Look Better in the Right Light (Jun 17)
Poor lighting and light bulbs with low CRI (color rendering index) can cause colors to appear differently than you'd expect.
More Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Could Mean Less Coal Plants (Jun 16)
As the world moves toward mass acceptance of energy efficient light bulbs, the need for old polluting power facilities such as coal power plants diminishes.
Metal Halide Light Bulb Upgrades from Venture Lighting (Jun 15)
Venture Lighting has released several upgraded versions of their line of HID metal halide light bulbs, resulting in huge energy savings across the board.
Lighting your garden or walkway (Jun 14)
It's easy and inexpensive to set up lighting for your garden or walkway. Cold cathode compact fluorescent light bulbs have worked best for me.
Compact fluorescent flood lights (Jun 11)
Compact fluorescent flood lights are an excellent replacement for old inefficient incandescent floods. Less energy, less heat, and the same light output with more color temperatures available make it an easy choice.
What are ballasts used for? (Jun 10)
You may have heard how compact fluorescent light bulbs have built-in ballasts, but what is a ballast in the first place?
Sun powered street lights (Jun 9)
Australia and other countries 'round the world are giving strong consideration to self-sufficient street lights using LED light bulbs powered by the sun.
Street lights, more complicated than you think (Jun 8)
Street lights require a fair bit of planning to implement, as there are certain disadvantages to think about when using them.
Incandescent light bulbs, down but not out (Jun 7)
Even with all the benefits of energy efficient light bulbs, most people prefer incandescent. Lighting companies are trying to capitalize on this preference by improving incandescent technology.
Imagine Movies without Lighting (Jun 4)
Movies today have outrageous special effects that boggle the mind. A century ago the simple use of artificial lighting was considered a special effect.
Sylvania Releases ULTRA LEDs (Jun 3)
Sylvania, long a big player in the lighting industry, has just released their ULTRA Retrofit line of LEDs, and they look great!
Portable Sunlight for your Indoor Garden Plants (Jun 2)
Your indoor garden can still thrive, even without skylights or strategically placed windows. Grow lights, or plant light bulbs can effectively replace the sun.
Run out of sun? Get some daylight compact fluorescent light bulbs! (Jun 2)
Daylight, or "full spectrum" compact fluorescent light bulbs are surprisingly effective at filling the sun's proverbial shoes.
What are the actual savings in Daylight Savings Time? (Jun 1)
There is the hour of sunlight we save, but are there other savings as the government and DST proponents imply?
Who says compact fluorescents do not work for mood lighting? (Jun 1)
Years ago compact fluorescent light bulbs may not have worked, but they do now!
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