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Sylvania Light Bulbs and Ballasts

Sylvania Light Bulbs and Ballasts
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Osram Sylvania is part of the Seimens family of companies and is among the largest lighting companies in the world. Based in Massachusettes, they supply light bulbs and related products to over 100 countries. While you can find some information on Sylvania's website, Sylvania.com, you can get every detail, see a detailed photo, and can order them right here at eLightBulbs.com.

eLightBulbs has been a premiere supplier of Sylvania light bulbs for over 40 years and we know the quality and innovation standards are the industry's best.

Every type of bulb is offered by Sylvania, including general purpose, industrial, automotive, and more.

Incandescents / Halogen (Capsylite):

The most common Sylvania light bulbs are in the Incandescent category. This group includes what has come to be the standard bulb known around the world, which the industry calls an A-Line bulb. This pear shaped classic is still a staple product throughout the world. Branching out from there, the Sylvania Decorative line encompasses chandelier light bulbs, globe shaped light bulbs, and flame shaped light bulbs. Decor bulbs are used to set a mood, with lighting the room becoming a secondary benefit. After all, anyone can install a 200 watt standard bulb for their dining room's lighting, but if you want a warm, soothing mood, a fine chandelier with several Sylvania light bulbs really stands out. Finally, Sylvania Halogen light bulbs are a brighter, whiter, hotter version of the standard bulbs. When you see a package announce Sylvania Capsylite, you know you've got the best halogen bulbs available. They are perfect for situations when you need a little extra shot of light or for work spaces, since whiter light is generally easier to work under.

Fluorescent Tubes / Compact Fluorescents (Dulux):

Sylvania Fluorescent bulbs are commonly used in commercial and industrial applications, and certainly used above many of America's home work benches. Look for the Octron or Pentron brand name to find these products. Sylvania Compact Fluorescent light bulbs apply fluorescent technology in a small, manageable package. Either pin-based or screw-based, these modern light bulbs are a major force in allowing the world to start saving a lot of energy in lighting. The Sylvania Dulux brand leads the way in this category.

HIDs (Metal Halide / Mercury Vapor):

Sylvania light bulbs from the HID category can be broken down into Metal Halide, Mercury Vapor, and High Pressure Sodium. These bulbs may not be familiar to many people, but to office and warehouse maintenance employees, they are very common. Sylvania Metalarc bulbs get more light than incandescent cousins, and they have a cool white light color that is excellent for warehouses and manufacturing plants, for instance. Sylvania Lumalux bulbs are primarily used in street and other outdoor lighting, where color rendering and light quality aren't as important.

You simply can't go wrong with Sylvania light bulbs. They're the gold standard of lighting and the quality of the product is second to none. eLightBulbs has over 4,500 products from Sylvania, so you can be sure you'll always be able to shop the web's best lighting store for the world's best light bulbs!

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